Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is both challenging and exciting as the requirements for every nose, and every individual is different.A successful rhinoplasty surgeon will have to understand the intricacies of this surgery, its functional and Cosmetic aspects and adequately train himself to deal with the individual problems one may encounter.

Dr Jagdeep Rao, one of the renowned rhinoplasty surgeon, says that getting into the patients’ mind is the most important part of rhinoplasty consultation. Every individual has a specific type of nose, and it is an important characteristic feature of the face. The nose having unsightly humps or bump in the middle of the nasal bridge gives your face an irregular or disproportionate look, which is easily noticeable.

He has performed many successful cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures and in his twenty-six years of medical practice has given the desired shape & style and perfection to the nose, which most of the patients are looking forward too. So if your nose is letting you down and you want to walk back confidently with a particular nose feature, you are at the right place.

The right candidate for Cosmetic rhinoplasty

  • The nose is badly shaped, crooked or out of alignment
  • The congenital disability which you want to improve
  • Nose shape does not match with the rest of the face

Conditions we treat at our centre

  • Female Rhinoplasty
  • Male Rhinoplasty
  • Short Nose
  • Long Nose
  • Small Nose
  • Large Nose
  • Flat Nose
  • Wide Nose
  • Hump Nose
  • Narrow Nose
  • Nose Tip correction
  • Unequal Nostrils
  • Columella Correction