Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr Jagdeep Rao can help you achieve the nose you were meant to have in the first place. Highly qualified and experienced in complicated rhinoplasty cases, he has been a hope for patients who were unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of their previous rhinoplasty. So if you’ve already had a rhinoplasty and are not pleased with its outcome, Revision rhinoplasty can be the right approach.

Indications for Revision surgery

Although the causes of a failed rhinoplasty are many, some of them are listed below:

  • Non-compliance on behalf of the patient.
  • Technical incompetence.
  • Substandard surgery producing an unnatural and awkward appearance.
  • Cosmetic deformity.
  • Surgical destabilization of the nasal tissues.
  • Inadequate tip projection.
  • Internal or external scarring.